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An MSC exclusive combination. Great throwback to the popular “Spanish” shows with very modern sounding music. “La Suerte de los Tontos” is a real crowd favorite. Make sure you have the performers and stamina for this one.

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Music for Picante

Title Length Music Grade Arranger Recording Price Add to Cart
Estancia 2:46 Grade 2 Jay Dawson Listen $60.00
Late in the Evening 2:00 Grade 2 Jay Dawson Listen $80.00
La Suerte de Los Tontos 2:15 Grade 3 Jay Dawson Not Available $60.00

Drill for Picante

Title Drill Grade Designer sets Price
Estancia Grade 3 Andy Tye 20 $335.00
Late in the Evening Grade 3 Andy Tye 11 $335.00
La Suerte de Los Tontos Grade 3 Andy Tye 17 $335.00

Optional Rehearsal Tools for Picante

Rehearsal Tool Learn More Price Add to Cart
Flag Choreography DVD for Picante   $695.00
Animation Video for Picante   $95.00
General Effect Handbook for Picante   $95.00
Computer Disk for Picante   $85.00
Individual Coordinate Sheets for Picante   $50.00
Additional Wind Size for Picante   $95.00