Touch of Bublé

A Touch of Bublé Field Show

A Touch of Bublé is a complete show featuring four songs recorded by the popular Canadian vocalist, Michael Bublé. The styles range from Latin to Big Band Swing to Ballad Love Song. These are great tunes brought to life by a great vocal stylist. We know you and your students will enjoy this crowd energizing show.

“I've said it a million times: I would love very much to be known as one of the great entertainers. I'm shooting for the stars, and if I miss I'll hit the moon and that's pretty high.” – Michael Bublé

Well, Michael, we believe you are one of “the great entertainers” and you shine brightly on the marching band field.

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Music for Touch of Bublé

Title Length Music Grade Arranger Recording Price Add to Cart
It Had Better Be Tonight 2:13 Grade 4 Jay Dawson Listen $80.00
Fever 1:53 Grade 4 Tom Wallace Listen $80.00
Theme From Spiderman 1:48 Grade 4 Joe Murphy Listen $80.00
Everything 1:34 Grade 3 Jay Dawson Listen $80.00

Drill for Touch of Bublé

Title Drill Grade Designer sets Price
It Had Better Be Tonight Grade 3 Tom Weidner 13 $320.00
Fever Grade 3 Tom Weidner 9 $320.00
Theme From Spiderman Grade 3 Tom Weidner 8 $320.00
Everything Grade 3 Tom Weidner 9 $320.00

Optional Rehearsal Tools for Touch of Bublé

Rehearsal Tool Learn More Price Add to Cart
Animation Video for Touch of Bublé   $95.00
Computer Disk for Touch of Bublé Listen $85.00
Individual Coordinate Sheets for Touch of Bublé Listen $50.00
Flag Choreography DVD for Touch of Bublé   $695.00
General Effect Handbook for Touch of Bublé   $95.00
Additional Wind Size for Touch of Bublé Listen $95.00
Color Guard Concepts DVD   $49.95
Maximizing Movement DVD   $49.95
Creative Body Movement DVD   $49.95