Beethoven Masterworks

Beethoven Masterworks

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Music Only for $995.00, There are masters of compositions then there is the Master! Michael Pote pays a superb tribute to one of the greatest composers of all time. The pit includes electronic instrumentation integral to the music.

Master of the House

Michael has imbedded hints of Beethoven’s most famous melodies into this dynamic and powerful opener.

My Immortal Beloved

This brief, yet hauntingly beautiful ballad features a flute and trombone duet and a giant swell that tapers off and leads directly to “Vienna”.


An excellent showcase for your pit and battery, “Vienna” is an exciting arrangement full of opportunities for visuals.

Breaking Through the Silence

Beginning in a minimalist fashion, the closer present a fresh twist on the familiar classic. A masterpiece from beginning to end!

Drill Sets
Woodwind Instrumentation
Fl, Cl 1/2, B.Cl, AS, TS, BS
Brass Instrumentation
Trpt 1/2, FH, Tbn, Bar, Tuba
Front Ensemble Instrumentation
Bells, Xyl, Mar, Vib, Acc
Battery Instrumentation
SD, Tenors, 5 BD

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Music for Beethoven Masterworks

Title Length Music Grade Arranger Recording Price Add to Cart
Master of the House 1:44 Grade 3 Michael Pote Listen $250.00
My Immortal Beloved 1:16 Grade 3 Michael Pote Listen $250.00
Vienna 1:51 Grade 3 Michael Pote Listen $250.00
Breaking Through the Silence 2:32 Grade 3 Michael Pote Listen $250.00

Drill for Beethoven Masterworks

Title Drill Grade Designer sets Price
Master of the House Grade 22 $150.00
My Immortal Beloved Grade 7 $150.00
Vienna Grade 15 $150.00
Breaking Through the Silence Grade 19 $150.00

Optional Rehearsal Tools for Beethoven Masterworks

Rehearsal Tool Learn More Price Add to Cart
Animation DVD for Beethoven Masterworks   $100.00
Flag Choreography DVD for Beethoven Masterworks   $950.00
General Effect Handbook for Beethoven Masterworks   $95.00